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Question (Sage) Comics Collection | Complete Vic Sage Series | Vintage & Modern Issues | Detective Mysteries Digital Download


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This Digital Comics bundle contains the following files:

★ Question (Sage) Comics 174 Issues

174 ISSUES | 6.41 GB

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Introduction to the Comic:

The Question is a comic book character created by Steve Ditko, best known for his work on Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. The character first appeared in Charlton Comics in 1967 and was later acquired by DC Comics.

The Question, also known as Vic Sage, is a vigilante who wears a mask that covers his entire face, giving him a blank and featureless appearance. He is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and detective, and is known for his unyielding commitment to justice and his philosophical musings on the nature of reality and the human condition.

The character has been portrayed as an anarchist, a libertarian, and a conspiracy theorist, with his political views and philosophical beliefs often coming into conflict with his allies and enemies alike. He has appeared in various DC Comics titles, including Detective Comics, Green Arrow, and Justice League Unlimited.

The Question has become a fan-favorite character due to his unique design and complex personality. He has been adapted into other media, including animated television shows such as Justice League Unlimited and Batman: The Brave and the Bold, as well as video games like Batman: Arkham Knight.


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